Several students walk in front of the library building on the WU campus

Departments & Institutes

Below you will find an overview of all WU departments, institutes and groups.

Department of Economics

Analytical Economics

Chair: Ulrich Berger Website

Economic Policy and Industrial Economics

Chair: Christoph Weiss Website

Heterodox Economics

Chair: Andrea Grisold Website

International Economics

Chair: Harald Badinger Website

International Economics and Development

Chair: Ingrid Kubin Website

Labor Economics

Chair: Melis Kartal Website


Chair: Jesus Crespo-Cuaresma Website

Public Sector Economics

Chair: Rupert Sausgruber Website

Quantitative Economics

Chair: Klaus Gugler Website

Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics

Accounting and Auditing

Chair: Eva Eberhartinger Website

Accounting & Reporting

Chair: Katrin Hummel

Business Taxation

Chair: Eva Eberhartinger

Financial Accounting and Auditing

Chair: Ewald Aschauer

Management Accounting and Control

Chair: Christian Riegler

International Accounting

Chair: Zoltán Novotny-Farkas

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Chair: Stefan Pichler Website

Financial Research (VGSF)

Chair: Alexander Mürmann Website

Statistics and Mathematics

Chair: Rüdiger Frey Website

Department of Business Communication

Communication Management and Media

Chair: Franzisca Weder Website

English Business Communication

Chair: Alexander Beer Website

Romance Languages

Chair: Johannes Schnitzer Website

Slavic Languages

Chair: Nadine Thielemann Website

Department of Global Business and Trade

International Business

Chair: Phillip C. Nell Website

Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business

Chair: Günter Stahl Website

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Dietmar Rößl Website

Transport and Logistics Management

Chair: Sebastian Kummer Website

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Data, Process and Knowledge Management

Chair: Marta Sabou Website

Knowledge Management Group

Chair: Alexander Kaiser

Digital Ecosystems

Chair: Verena Dorner Website

Distributed Ledgers and Token Economy

Chair: Davor Svetinovic Website

Institute for Complex Networks

Chair: Mark Strembeck Website

Institute for Data, Energy, and Sustainability

Chair: Kavita Surana Website

Information Management and Control

Chair: Edward Bernroider Website

Information Systems and Society

Chair: Sarah Spiekermann-Hoff Website

Production Management

Chair: Gerald Reiner Website

Department of Management

Change Management and Management Development

Chair: Giuseppe Delmestri Website

Gender and Diversity in Organizations

Chair: Marie-Thérèse Claes Website

Ethics in Management

Chair: Martin Kornberger Website

Family Business

Chair: Reinhard Prügl Website

Nonprofit Management

Chair: Michael Meyer Website

Organization Studies

Chair: Renate Meyer Website

Human Resource Management

Chair: Michael Müller-Camen Website

Public Management and Governance

Chair: Jurgen Willems Website

Interdisciplinary Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior

Chair: Wolfgang Mayrhofer Website

Business Education

Chair: Bettina Fuhrmann Website

Education Sciences

Chair: Erna Nairz

Department of Marketing

AI in Marketing Analytics

Chair: Siham El Kihal Website

Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights

Chair: Christina Schamp Website

Interactive Marketing & Social Media

Chair: Nadia Abou Nabout Website

International Marketing Management

Chair: Marius Lüdicke Website

Marketing and Customer Analytics

Chair: Thomas Reutterer Website

Marketing and Consumer Research

Chair: Monika Koller Website

Marketing Management

Chair: Martin Schreier Website

Retailing & Data Science

Chair: Nils Wlömert Website

Department of Private Law

Austrian and European Labour Law and Social Security Law

Chair: Susanne Auer-Mayer Website

Business Law

Chair: Susanne Kalss

Competition Law Group

Chair: Georg Eckert

Competition Law and Digitalization Group

Chair: Viktoria Robertson

Business Law I

Chair: Susanne Kalss

Information Law and Intellectual Property Law

Chair: Philipp Homar

Civil Law and Civil Procedure

Chair: Martin Spritzer

Civil Law and Civil Procedure I

Chair: Peter Bydlinski

Civil Law and Civil Procedure II

Chair: Georg Kodek

Civil Law and Civil Procedure III

Chair: Stefan Perner

Civil Law and Civil Procedure IV

Chair: Martin Spitzer

Civil Law and Civil Procedure V

Chair: Sebastian Mock

Civil Law and Civil Procedure VI

Chair: currently unoccupied

Department of Public Law and Tax Law

Austrian and European Economic Criminal Law

Chair: Robert Kert Website

Austrian and European Public Law

Chair: Michael Holoubek Website

Austrian and International Tax Law

Chair: Michael Lang Website

Corporate Tax

Chair: Claus Staringer

European Tax Law Group

Chair: Georg Kofler

International Tax

Chair: Josef Schuch

Tax Policy

Chair: Alexander Rust

Value-Added Tax Law Group

Chair: Karoline Spies

European and International Law

Chair: Erich Vranes Website

Internationalization of Law

Chair: Monika Polzin Website

Department of Socioeconomics

Ecological Economics

Chair: Sigrid Stagl Website

Economic and Social History

Chair: Markus Lampe Website

Business History

Chair: Andreas Resch

Economic Geography and GIScience

Chair: Jürgen Essletzbichler Website

International Political Economy

Chair: Jonas Bunte Website

Law and Governance

Chair: Verena Madner Website

Managing Sustainability

Chair: André Martinuzzi Website

Multi-Level Governance and Development

Chair: Andreas Novy Website

Political Economy of Public Policy

Chair: Thomas Plümper

Social Change and Sustainability

Chair: Ingolfur Blühdorn Website

Social Policy

Chair: Ulrike Schneider Website

Health Economics and Policy

Chair: Marcel Bilger

Sociology and Social Research

Chair: Sabine Frerichs Website

Department of Strategy and Innovation

Cognition and Behavior

Chair: Susann Fiedler Website

Corporate Governance

Chair: Anne d'Arcy Website

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Chair: Nikolaus Franke Website

Organization Design

Chair: Patricia Klarner Website

Higher Education Management

Chair: Barbara Schachermayer-Sporn Website

Strategic Management

Chair: Werner Hoffmann Website

Strategy and Managerial Accounting

Chair: Isabella Grabner Website


Chair: Martina Huemann

Strategy, Technology and Organization

Chair: Christopher Lettl Website

Markets and Strategy

Chair: Ben Greiner Website