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Financial planning for experiences abroad

WU offers a broad portfolio of opportunities to gain international experience. Depending on the exchange program, there are various financial aspects that you should consider when planning and deciding on an exchange. On this page, you will find information and tips on what costs to expect and what financial support is available.

Exchange semester/year

Exchange semester Canada

Each person allocated for a stay abroad by WU's International Office receives financial support in the form of a grant. The type of grant varies depending on the target region:

To receive a grant, ECTS credits must be earned abroad and recognized at WU upon return. More details will be provided at the grant and credit transfer session in the semester before your stay abroad. You will be invited to this event by email.

* Within the scope of the WU mobility grant, WU offers a special support for students with verifiable needs. More info can be found in the drop-down menu "Additional financial support".

Choice of destination

Cost factors of a semester abroad

Additional financial support

International Short Programs (ISPs)

Short Program Porto

International Short Programs (ISPs) usually last between three to five weeks and can be a supplement or alternative to longer stays abroad. Since ISPs abroad come with a program fee and other identifiable costs, the financial feasibility can be estimated accurately.

Choice of program

Cost factors of an ISP

WU mobility grant for International Short Programs (ISPs)

Internship abroad

Internship Abroad

Internships abroad allow you to put knowledge from your studies into practice and gain international experience at the same time. Financial support is possible under certain conditions.

Erasmus+ support for internships abroad

Good to know

  • You can use Numbeo's website to research the cost of living abroad. To do so, click on the search bar and enter the name of your destination.

  • Know your budget: It is advisable to find out about possible cost factors before going abroad. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of a successful stay abroad, we recommend calculating more generously.

  • Lifestyle and travel plans: The better you know your priorities, the easier it is to estimate costs.

  • International experience can also be gained at WU (e.g. through ISPs at WU or online initiatives, such as ECOL or ENGAGE.EU).