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Course Evaluation

Course evaluations at WU are intended to help include students in the quality assurance and quality enhancing processes for all teaching activities at WU.

Courses are evaluated on a regularly scheduled basis, but teachers can request a voluntary evaluation for their courses at any time.

The administration of course evaluations (including requests, editing evaluation forms, and viewing results) takes place on the evaluation web portal on LEARN (in German only). A guide for teachers decribing the course evaluation process is available in German: MyLEARN Guide

Important note

Master program- and doctorate/PhD program-courses are being evaluated in the 2019/20 winter semester and the 2020 summer semester.

Courses which are not subject to routine course evaluations can still be evaluated on a voluntary basis. Please contact Petra Haas by phone (ext. 5504) or send an email to

Additional information on course evaluations

Goals and role of course evaluations

Legal framework of course evaluations

The evaluation cycle

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Evaluation results

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