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Master's Programs

English-Language Master Programs


This internationally-oriented program is offered by one of the leading economics departments in Austria. You enjoy ample freedom to develop solid skills in your favourite fields of interest, preparing for careers in economic policy, research, or business.

Students Masters Program Digital Economy

Digital Economy

The Master’s Program Digital Economy prepares you to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s digital markets. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how the markets for digital products, services and businesses work, and you will acquire the necessary technical expertise and the strategic know-how needed to succeed in today’s digitally driven business world and create digital value for society.

Information Systems

Information technologies are creating a whole range of new business opportunities. In this program, you acquire the theoretical knowledge and the practical IT skills you need to conceptualize, implement, and realize these opportunities.

International Management/CEMS

This program includes international experience at a CEMS partner university, an internship, and various projects in international and multicultural settings, and provides an ideal preparation for international management careers.


New technologies and the rapid growth in data availability are radically changing what marketing means today. This program enables you to apply a wide range of empirical methods and conceptual approaches to systematically plan and implement effective marketing strategies.

Quantitative Finance

This program has an international perspective and qualifies you for careers in the challenging and dynamic environment of the financial markets. It will provide you with quantitative expertise and solid theoretical knowledge in finance.

Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy

Economic and social systems do not exist in isolation from the physical environment. In this program, you learn how to analyze global challenges by applying socioeconomic concepts and empirical methods and derive policy recommendations from these analyses.

Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control

This program combines strategy and entrepreneurship. It allows you to develop profound analytical skills and the creativity required to identify new entrepreneurial opportunities and develop strategies for long-term success.

Supply Chain Management

Global supply chains are becoming more and more complex. This unique master’s program offers a transdisciplinary education that enables you to develop an integrated perspective and the specialist skills required to design and manage highly effective supply chains.

German-Language Master Programs

Export and Internationalization Management

This program focuses on change management at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides you with a solid theoretical foundation and, on this basis, prepares you to systematically develop and manage change processes, particularly in the context of internationalization.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting are very closely related fields in the business world. This program provides you with solid skills in these two areas and qualifies you for careers at enterprises of any type and size, in any industry, and jobs as a consultant or auditor.


This program combines management theory, management instruments, social skills, and project management skills. This skill set qualifies you for executive and management positions at for-profit and nonprofit organizations.


This interdisciplinary degree program prepares you to critically reflect on economic and social activities and carry out empirical analyses that put these phenomena into a broader social and cultural context.

Taxation and Accounting

This unique program combines accounting, business taxation, and business law. It prepares you for careers in a highly rule-based environment – at business enterprises or as a consultant.

Business Law

Law plus business: The Master’s Program in Business Law provides you with an education in business law that is comprehensive in scope and methodology and takes into account the Austrian, European, and international contexts.

Business Education

With its broad scope, Austria’s largest business education program offers you a special advantage: It qualifies you not only for careers as a teacher of business and economics-related subjects but also for a broad range of jobs in the business world.