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Master's Student Guide

WUniverse Account and LEARN

During the admission process you can use your temporary WUniverse account to log on to our LEARN learning and information portal.

Courses and Exams

In this section, you will find information on legal requirements, dates and deadlines, signing up for and dropping courses and exams using the LPIS system, plagiarism, and much more. 

Honors Programs, Support, and Volunteering Opportunities

The following programs are open to master's students:

  • Center of Excellence: honors program for students with an outstanding academic performance and additional qualifications

  • Student Counselling: Strengthen your skills to deal with stressors and other challenges during your studies in order to successfully complete your academic program.

  • Volunteering@WU: volunteer program for students to help children and teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • BeAble: support program for students with a disability and/or chronic illness

  • Mentoring Program for Academic Writing: students take writing workshops to improve their writing skills and become writing mentors for younger students

  • Learning Ergonomics: program to help you study more effectively

  • KADA: support program for elite student athletes


Master's Thesis

Here you will learn more about writing and handing in your master’s thesis (e.g. formal requirements). Please also contact your program for any additional program-specific requirements for your thesis.

Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities vary by program. Depending on your program, you may or may not be able to study abroad. In some programs, spending some time abroad working or studying may even be an integral part of the curriculum.

Credit Transfer

Have you already earned credits at another university in Austria or abroad? Here you will learn more about how to transfer these credits to you current master's program at WU.

Grants and Scholarships

Master’s students can apply for the following scholarships:

  • Need-based scholarships to cover additional costs for completing an academic thesis

  • Merit-based scholarships awarded once a year to students with an outstanding academic performance in the previous academic year

  • Mobility grants for outgoing students doing an exchange semester or internship abroad

  • Other scholarships and grants (external funding)

Completing Your Studies

Almost done? Here you will learn more about the final steps you need to take to complete your program and get your degree. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the formal graduation ceremony!

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