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Did banks underreport losses and delay disclosures during the financial crisis?
Politicians, regulators, and pundits have criticized banks' financial reporting as a key culprit of the problem in the financial crisis 2008–2009 and have called for changes. But is the criticism really justified? What changes are necessary? In a recent study, Professor Christian Laux from the Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and his co-authors examine the disclosure and recognition of losses of international banks during the financial crisis. The authors also investigate the consequences of a regulation that reduces the impact of losses on banks’ required regulatory capital. The evidence is important to guide standard setting and recent debates in bank regulation.

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Victor Maus: Researcher of the Month
Mining poses danger to the climate

Researcher of the Month Victor Wegner Maus explores worldwide mining areas.

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A Cinderella story
Upcycling: The identity of products

Once an airbag, now a handbag: Bernadette Kamleitner of the Institute for Marketing & Consumer Research explains why it makes sense to refer to the former identity of upcycled products.

Pay Dispersion & Performance-based Incentives
How pay influences performance

Do employees automatically work harder if they receive more pay? WU researcher Isabella Grabner has investigated the effects of pay dispersion, i.e. the variation between salaries.

Poverty in North Korea - 1 Minute, 1 Paper
Poverty in North Korea

Jesús Crespo Cuaresma, head of the Institute for Macroeconomics, estimates that about 60% of the North Korean population lives in absolute poverty.

Benefitting from Immigration - 1 Minute, 1 Paper
Immigration helps companies to expand abroad

A recent study by Professor Jonas Puck and his colleagues from the Institute for International Business shows that the knowledge immigrants have to offer can help companies to invest abroad successfully.

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on 18 January 2022 Starting at 16:30 - Ending at 17:30

Boost your Strategic Management Skills in just one hour

Corona and its Implications for International Strategy

Location: Online

on 18 January 2022 Starting at 17:30 - Ending at 21:00

E&I Touchdown

Entrepreneurship & Innovation in 45 seconds

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Teaching Center Festsaal 2

on 18 January 2022 Starting at 18:00 - Ending at 19:30

Nobel Prize in layperson’s terms

the discovery of methods for analyzing natural experiments as a source

Location: Library & Learning Center Ceremonial Hall 1 and YouTube livestream

on 19 January 2022 Starting at 18:00

Communicating leadership

Rethinking management communication
WU matters. WU talks.

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What comes after DAC 6?
Eva Eberhartinger, Chair Business Taxation Group All answers

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