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“A unique opportunity to conduct fundamental research in the field of AI”
In the FWF Cluster of Excellence “Bilateral AI”, top researchers from Austria are working on the future development of artificial intelligence. Among them are experts from WU like Axel Polleres – in this interview, he talks about the goals they are pursuing and what the AI of the future could be capable of.

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Shopping for a better world? Meet Our Researchers
Shopping for a better world?

A jar of honey for the preservation of rainforests, a chocolate bar for schools in Africa: Christina Schamp from WU’s Institute for Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights explains cause-related marketing and the reasons why some brands succeed with their charity campaigns while others don’t.

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Psychopaths in the C-Suite
Psychopaths in the C-Suite

The cliché of the monster in pinstripes comes up again and again in films, media reports, and even academic research. Is it true or just a myth? WU researcher Günter K. Stahl explains ...

A Cinderella story
Upcycling: The identity of products

Once an airbag, now a handbag: Bernadette Kamleitner of the Institute for Marketing & Consumer Research explains why it makes sense to refer to the former identity of upcycled products.

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Location: Library & Learning Center Ceremonial Hall 1

on 22 May 2024 Starting at 18:00 - Ending at 19:30

The Digital Euro

A platform for innovation in Europe
WU matters. WU talks.

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Library & Learning Center LC 2.400 Clubraum

on 23 May 2024 Starting at 09:00 - Ending at 18:00

European Scientific Legal Tech Summit

International experts talk about legal tech, AI, and the rule of law.

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Administration AD.0.122 (Conference room 2)

on 28 May 2024 Starting at 14:30 - Ending at 18:30

Workshop: AI in Qualitative Methods

Unlocking Insights: Exploring Generative AI in Qualitative Research

Location: Teaching Center Audimax

on 03 June 2024 Starting at 14:00

EU matters

European elections 2024: A turning point for the European Union?

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How important is scent marketing in an online environment?
Bernadette Kamleitner, institute head and professor at the Institute for Marketing and Consumer Research All answers

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