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Energy transition: Carbon pricing more effective than subsidizing renewables
Energy market researchers from WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, and UAS Grisons have crunched the numbers to find out which strategies are most efficient at reducing CO2 emissions. According to their study, much greater reductions in CO2 emissions can be achieved by increasing the prices of carbon certificates than by subsidizing wind and solar power. The research has been published in the “Journal of Environmental Economics and Management,” one of the leading journals in the field of environmental economics.

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Christoph Weiss: Researcher of the Month
Knowledge is power!

Professor Christoph Weiss from WU’s Department of Economics has investigated how more information makes markets work better.

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Poverty in North Korea - 1 Minute, 1 Paper
Poverty in North Korea

Jesús Crespo Cuaresma, head of the Institute for Macroeconomics, estimates that about 60% of the North Korean population lives in absolute poverty.

Benefitting from Immigration - 1 Minute, 1 Paper
Immigration helps companies to expand abroad

A recent study by Professor Jonas Puck and his colleagues from the Institute for International Business shows that the knowledge immigrants have to offer can help companies to invest abroad successfully.

Political Risk & Alliance Diversity
How companies use diversity for risk management

A study by Thomas Lindner and Jakob Müllner from the Institute for International Business shows how infrastructure projects in countries with high political risks are financed by particularly diverse corporate alliances.

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Is it tomorrow yet? How the pandemic changes Europe NGO Academy Keynote with Ivan Krastev

What are the consequences of the pandemic for the coming years?

Location: MS Teams Meeting

on 16 March 2021 Starting at 18:00 - Ending at 20:00

False positives: Critiquing the language of leadership

The positivity of the language of leadership

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on 17 May 2021 Starting at 17:00 - Ending at 19:00

Stereotypical associations about professions

Insights in professional stereotypes

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Does working from home result in a more balanced division of labor in the household?
Answer by Katharina Mader, researcher at the Institute for Heterodox Economics.

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