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Research Impact

As Austria’s leading research institution in the fields of business and economics, WU is well aware of its social responsibility. Its goal is to make significant contributions to solving the economic, social, and ecological problems of the day, both on regional and global levels. For this reason, research is an integral part of WU’s third mission activities. It is especially important to WU to disseminate new research results and to make contributions to current discourse on all business- and economics-related issues.

The many ways in which WU’s researchers cooperate with various members of society have long since become one of WU’s distinguishing qualities, and they are an expression of WU’s social commitment and its future- and practice-oriented approach to research. In this sense, the “third mission” is not just a buzzword at WU but an intrinsic part of its activities, from continuing education, initiatives to stimulate innovation, application-oriented research, policy consulting, and PR work to social activities and knowledge exchange with various stakeholders in different institutional settings.

WU’s research impact is also visible in its numerous national and international joint projects, either in the form of specific research projects or long-term collaboration at research institutes.

Projects in the Vicinity

WU is also active close to home, where the work of the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Vienna) makes important contributions to local development. This network for research, education, and knowledge transfer addresses questions of sustainability on regional and transregional levels. In cooperation with a local community development agency, the RCE Vienna has implemented numerous projects and service-learning partnership initiatives for regional education, knowledge exchange, and projects involving cooperation between academia and business.

Knowledge Exchange: WU Entrepreneurship Center

In addition to thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship involves starting new businesses. This is a key 21st century skill that is becoming increasingly important for students, alumni, and faculty. WU participates in the cross-institutional knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship activities of the Entrepreneurship Center Network (ECN) and the Wissenstransferzentrum Ost. WU’s newly established Entrepreneurship Center will expand and intensify these activities and provide more comprehensive entrepreneurship-related information, networking opportunities, and services to all universities in Vienna.