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Email & Calendar

At WU multiple email systems are used simultaneously. Using the Controlpanel, you can identify in which email system your mailbox is integrated in. To ensure safe email correspondence, please note our IT security policy.

Please also mind our IT security recommendations and be careful when opening emails and attachments from unknown senders.

Email Security

To protect computers from spam and malware, restrictive rules for WU email addresses were set up.

Central SPAM Filter

Greylisiting – Delayed Delivery of Emails

List of Blocked Attachments

Mailing Lists and Distribution Lists

In addition to your own mailbox at WU, mailing lists are used to communicate information effectively. WU employees can find further information on mailing lists on the intranet.

For whom can a mailbox be set up?

Do I have Aliases at WU?

May I set up email forwarding?

Why are emails delivered after a delay?

What to do when receiving unusual or suspect emails?

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