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Email Classic

Email Classic allows you to read and send emails as well as to manage your contacts via “Roundcube” (i.e. a webmail application used at WU). In the Controlpanel application your current email address is displayed: > My email > Email Info. In addition, you can set up out-of-office notifications there.

Email Clients

You can access your mailbox with any email client that supports the IMAP-protocol. In order to set up email clients, use the following connection data:

Username:Your username at WU
Password:Your account password
Incoming Mail
Encryption / Port:SSL / 993
Encryption / Port:SSL / 465

You can find instructions for setting up email clients at the end of this page under Downloads and Documents.


You can access your WU mailbox at using a webbrowser.

Migration to Office365

Students have the option to switch to Office365. Further information is provided in the Controlpanel application at > My Email > Office 365 Migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I restore deleted emails?

How do I set up out-of-office notifications?

Can I export my mailbox on my own?

Downloads and Documents

Mozilla Thunderbird (German only)
Mozilla Thunderbird (German only)
Microsoft Outlook (German only)
Microsoft Outlook (German only)
Apple Mail (German only)
Apple Mail (German only)
Apple iOS (iPhone)
Apple iOS (iPhone)