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Modern Research Management with PURE

PURE is a comprehensive research management system. It not only replaces the current research information system FIDES, but also integrates the full-text functions of ePubWU, and for the first time enables the digital management of the third-party funding process over the entire life cycle of projects.

A detailed manual is available in addition to training courses.

PURE distinguishes between the entry in the database and the external presentation of WU’s research output. Members of staff can access the database at and with their usual WU login (via single sign-on). You can reach the external presentation at This page is accessible to the general public and shows the research achievements of WU entered in PURE.

Unlike FIDES, which was an in-house developed solution, PURE is a commercial product provided by Elsevier. WU chose PURE as the best product for WU in a process guided by an external expert in research management. This change will enable us to further increase data quality, simplify the work steps for researchers and staff, and make WU's excellent research achievements even more visible to the outside world.