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Strategic Concept: Teaching

Education and teaching encompass all of WU’s activities associated with imparting knowledge to students, helping them develop skills independently, and encouraging lifelong learning. WU is aware that its teaching, and as a result its graduates, many of whom are the managers of the future and will be shaping society for years to come, has an important impact on society.  

In an increasingly complex economic and social environment, acquiring knowledge is not enough; graduates need reflection and analysis skills now more than ever. WU aims to use student-centered, research-driven, technology-supported teaching to support sustainable skill development in its students, allowing them to get a good start in a variety of academic and professional career fields.

In addition, as a responsible university, WU ensures that the education provided will contribute constructively to the future development of economic, social, and ecological aspects of these career fields.

WU’s academic programs impart university-level knowledge in the fields of business, economics, social sciences and business law.

With a view to their business and economics context, WU also imparts skills and knowledge subjects like

  • foreign language business communication,

  • economic geography,

  • economic history,

  • sociology,

  • statistics/mathematics,

Research sets WU apart from other institutions of higher education, as does the diversity of disciplines practiced at WU, allowing for highly innovative academic programs.

In addition to the disciplinary diversity, international aspects also play an important role in the learning environment, be it through the contributions of international guest lecturers and professors, foreign-language taught courses, intercultural courses, or international programs held on campus.

An important objective is to ensure and further improve teaching quality in the coming years. The main focus will be on measurements to achieve better student-teacher ratios and to develop innovative teaching and learning methods. Moreover, as a responsible university, WU is committed to supporting integrative access to higher education.

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