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WUniverse Account and MyLEARN

As of WS 2023/24, all master programs at WU will use the learning platform Canvas WU, which you can access before admission (see Microsoft Guest Account and Canvas WU). Some courses may still have content available on the MyLEARN learning platform. To access these before admission, you can use your WUniverse account.

1. How do I get a WUniverse account?

A personal WUniverse Account was created for you when you submitted your application for a master’s program at WU. You can use your account with the personal email address you provided in your application and your chosen password. With your WUniverse account, you can access MyLEARN, WU’s learning and information portal, even before you are officially admitted to a WU program.

2. Who can access MyLEARN with a WUniverse account?

WUniverse accounts apply to:

  • Students who have never been enrolled at WU before

  • Former WU students who no longer have an active WU account (see item 6 below for information on the validity period of your WU account)

3. When can I start using my WUniverse account to access MyLEARN?

You will be notified by email as soon as your WUniverse account becomes available for you to use.

4. How long will I be able to use my WUniverse account to access MyLEARN?

Your WUniverse account remains valid until you complete your admission in the Study Service Center (LC building, level 2), where you will receive the login data for your WU account (see item 5 below for information on WU accounts).

If you have been enrolled at WU before, you already have a WU account. If your WU account is currently deactivated (see item 6 below for information on the validity period of your WU account), it will be reactivated when your admission is completed.

Once your admission is completed, you will only be able to access MyLEARN using your WU account.

5. What is a WU account?

Your WU account login data consists of your student ID number and your account password. Your WU account will remain valid for the entire duration of your studies at WU. You receive your WU account login data when you come to the Admissions Office to complete your admission to your master’s program. Your WU account gives you access to all WU online services for students.

6. When are WU accounts deactivated, and what does that mean?

If you have been enrolled at WU before but are no longer an active student in any WU program, your WU account is deactivated after approximately three to five months. Your WU account will be reactivated once your admission to your WU master’s program has been completed. As soon as your WU account is reactivated, you will no longer be able to access yLEARN using your WUniverse account.

7. Who can help if I can’t log in to MyLEARN with my WUniverse account?

If you have any questions regarding your WUniverse account, please contact

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