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The full-time Master's Program in Supply Chain Management is unique in Europe. It combines a thorough education in relevant theories and state-of-the-art methods and techniques with a transdisciplinary and integrated view to gain a deeper understanding of supply chain related decision problems from a performance perspective.

Supply chain networks are the skeletons that underpin the business world. These networks are increasingly global in nature, with products consisting of parts manufactured in different regions of the world, assembled in other locations, and then shipped across continents to retailers and consumers. Such complex networks consist of manufacturers and their suppliers, shippers and carriers using various modes of transportation, distribution centers where the products are stored and sent to retailers which ultimately supply the customers. Supply chains involve many decision-makers interacting with one another, sometimes competing, and at other times cooperating out of necessity.

The Master's Program in Supply Chain Management focuses on the analysis, design, management, and operation of supply chains in manufacturing and professional service industries. Using a broad definition of supply chain management (SCM), supply chain problems are being tackled in profit and non-profit environments. The former includes retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, manufacturers, and suppliers, while the latter includes the public sector and non-governmental organizations, for example in disaster relief logistics.


Specialization areas

Individualize your studies

You can choose two out of six specialization areas following your interests:


  • Business Analytics in Supply Chains


  • Location Analytics in Supply Chain Management


  • Marketing Research and Analytics


  • Supply Chain Finance and Risks


  • Sustainable and Humanitarian Supply Chains


  • Transport and Logistics



International Students

A thorough international experience

The Master's program in Supply Chain Management focuses not only on global issues connected to supply chains but also attracts many international students. The student body is made up of a broad variety of nationalities. The students who enrolled in the fall of 2019 come from 17 different countries, located on five continents. Hence, the program offers a truly international experience through an international education, an internationally renowned faculty as well as an international culture among the students throughout the two years.


in a job 6 months after graduation

Excellent career perspective

Since every business is involved in one or more supply chains, employment opportunities in this field are numerous and promising, with global demand exceeding the current supply of graduates. Our graduates are well prepared to design and manage the future‘s most effective supply chains.

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