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Supply Chain Management

Structure & Content

The curriculum – grounded in proven theory and methodology, best practices and emerging innovative techniques – enables students to chart the supply chain processes all the way from managing information technology to enabling logistics and designing supply chain strategies.

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1st Year

The first year introduces students to the basics of operations, transport, and logistics, focussing on the relevant concepts of business information systems and geo-informatics as well as mathematics and statistics. Fundamental principles, methods, techniques and information tools – necessary for the analysis, management, and operation of supply chains – are presented.

1st Semester – Foundation

Duration: begin of October - end of January

2nd Semester – In-depth Knowledge

Duration: begin of March - end of June

2nd Year

In the second year, students select two in-depth electives according to their individual interests. Furthermore, in advanced seminars and the Master's thesis students learn to apply the concepts and methods learned to real world environments.

3rd Semester - Specialized Expertise

Duration: begin of October - end of January

4th Semester - Synthesis

Duration: begin of March - end of June

Exchange Semester

Additionally, students also have the opportunity to spend a semester at one of WU's 120 partner universities.

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