Applied Track and Science Track, 11 specializations, global study opportunities

5 reasons to study Economics
Two tracks tailored to your interests
Top international partner universities
Research projects in small groups
Focus on data analysis
Attractive career prospects

The master’s program

The Master’s Program in Economics offers an Applied Track and a Science Track. In the first year, students acquire solid skills in economic theory and empirical data analysis. The second year focuses on in-depth analyses of policy and business topics based on cutting-edge economic research.

The Applied Track prepares students for careers in government, business, or NGOs. It focuses on problem-​solving skills and empirical data analysis.

The Science Track is designed for students who would like to pursue a career in economic research. It puts strong emphasis on the mathematical and statistical foundations and on advanced economic theory and methods. The Science Track offers a fast-track option leading over to WU's PhD Program in Economics.


Program duration
4 semesters
Program type
Full-time degree program
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
  1. Admission

    Our students are critical thinkers passionate about intriguing economic questions such as growth, inequality, development, or economic crises. They have strong analytical skills and appreciate diversity. At least half of the students come from an international background. Information about admission procedures can be found here.


  2. Program structure and content
    1. SEM.
    2. SEM.
    3. SEM.
    4. SEM.
    Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics
    Economic Policy
    Public Economics
    Heterodox Economics
    Macroeconomic Models and Methods
    Topics in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
    Microeconomic Models and Methods
    Topics in Applied Microeconomics
    Game Theory
    Econometrics and Empirical Economic Research
    Choose four areas of specialisation out of eleven
    Choose two Research and Policy Seminars accompanying a chosen area of specialisation
    Free elective related to economics
    Master's Thesis and Master's Students Conference
  3. Master of Science, MSc (WU)

    The program equips students with the skills necessary for solving complex economic problems in a digital, globalized world facing multiple challenges. Graduates pursue interesting careers in research, economic policy, or business.

Number 1 in research among all Austrian universities (2019 Handelsblatt Ranking)
areas of specialization
Approximate percentage of female students and international students in the program
> 50 %
More than half of the courses involve the analysis of empirical data
Experiencing Campus WU

Campus WU is an excellent place to study. Students benefit from the campus’ cutting-edge technology and spectacular architectural setting while enjoying a lively urban space with many restaurants, cafés, and recreational facilities.

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Vienna, where classic meets contemporary

Vienna is known as the world’s most livable city. As the second largest German-speaking city, it’s a pulsating metropolis with a laid-back vibe, where tradition and modernity meet and blend into a perfect whole.

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Heidemarie Straka
Heidemarie Straka
Program Manager

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