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Areas of Specialization

The areas of specialization offered in the Master's in Economics program cover a broad range of topics and analytical approaches in economics. The courses are closely related to the research conducted at the WU Department of Economics.

Students in the Applied Track choose four areas of specialization, students in the Science Track choose three. Students may choose from among the twelve subjects below. If students decide to take a semester abroad, they can design their own area of specialization from the large number of field courses offered at our international partner universities.

Students take field courses within each of their areas of specialization and two corresponding Research & Policy seminars. In the seminars they work in small groups to develop their own research projects, and work closely with instructors.

To help you chose your areas of specialization, there is an info session each semester. There, the lecturers present the courses they will be teaching the next semester. Students are also provided with general information on specializations and practical tips. All presentation slides are provided below.

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Data Science and Machine Learning

Economic and Social Policy

Economic Development

Economics of Distribution

Industrial Organisation

International Economics

Labour and Organisational Economics

Money, Credit and Finance

Public Sector Economics

Regulatory Economics

Spatial Economics

Course Abroad

Slides Info Session June 2023 - general information on Specializations and Electives
Slides Info Session June 2023 - general information on Specializations and Electives

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