5 reasons to study International Management/CEMS
Consistently top-ranked program
Extremely promising career opportunities
More than 70 corporate partners worldwide
Global network of 33 top business schools
Unique global community
"With CEMS, you can have it all"

Klaudia was looking for the perfect mix of international experience, a first-class education, and close contacts to the business community. She found all of this in WU’s CEMS program... and the opportunity to live in beautiful Vienna is the cherry on top.

"I’m part of the best student club in the world"

For Moritz, the international CEMS community is an invaluable asset. Every semester, the CEMS Club Vienna organizes more than 40 events. Informal meetings with high-profile companies have quickly become part of his normal routine, helping him build a strong path for his future career.

The master’s program

The Master’s Program in International Management/CEMS is an exclusive international joint degree program offered by WU in cooperation with the CEMS Alliance. It is divided into a “WU year” and a “CEMS year.” You can decide which year you want to do first.

In the CEMS year, you get to spend one semester at WU and the other one at one of our many partner universities around the globe. You will complete several core and elective courses as well as skill seminars and work on an international business project.

In your WU year, you study together with peers from around 20 countries, and you can choose from an exclusive range of WU electives. You also write your master's thesis and gain practical experience in Skill Seminars, held in close cooperation with our Corporate Partners.

Program duration
4 semesters
Program type
Full-time degree program
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
  1. Admission

    You have a strong academic track record and are both dedicated and passionate? If working in a highly interactive, multicultural environment appeals to you, don’t hesitate – apply now! Please go through our application guidelines to make sure you meet all application requirements. Please also note the admission period and the applicable deadlines.

  2. Program structure and content
    1. SEM.
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    4. SEM.
    Program Structure and Content (Example)
    1) CEMS Year (the CEMS year can be done in the first or in the second year of studies)
    Block Seminar
    Managing Globalization
    Business Communication Skill Seminar
    Global Strategic Management
    Global Marketing Management
    Global Financial Management
    Global Leadership
    Business Project
    Global Citizenship Seminar
    Skill Seminars
    Internship (a mandatory international internship can be done any time during the studies, it just mustn't overlap with the courses of the CEMS year)
    2) WU Year (the WU year can be done in the first or in the second year of studies)
    Managing Globalization
    Global Marketing Management
    Global Financial Management
    Skill Seminars
    Master's Thesis and Coaching
  3. Master of Science, MSc (WU)

    CEMS graduates have excellent job prospects in the international job market. Many are recruited directly by our Corporate Partners from the consulting industry. Our graduates work in top management positions, as strategy consultants or business developers, or they build successful careers as digital experts or international marketing and sales experts. An increasing number also start their own businesses or join start-ups.

Make your way

of graduates are employed within 3 months
work for multinational companies
of students are international
of students complete an internship and a semester abroad
Experiencing Campus WU

Campus WU is an excellent place to study. Students benefit from the campus’ cutting-edge technology and spectacular architectural setting while enjoying a lively urban space with many restaurants, cafés, and recreational facilities.

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Vienna, where classic meets contemporary

Vienna is known as the world’s most livable city. As the second largest German-speaking city, it’s a pulsating metropolis with a laid-back vibe, where tradition and modernity meet and blend into a perfect whole.

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Jana Salot, Program Manager
Jana Salot
Program Manager

Ask us

Do you have any further questions? As program manager for the CEMS MSc Program, I’m here to answer any questions or requests you may have, right from the start. To get in touch, please use the online contact form or send an email to cems@wu.ac.at.