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WU ZBP Career Center

Jobs. Chances. Calling.

Have you started thinking about what you want to do after graduation? Which career is right for you? Or which company would suit you best as a potential employer? Most of your fellow students are in the same position. At WU ZBP Career Center, you can find help and support in finding and starting a new job and planning your career.


Every year, around 1,600 job offers aimed especially at students and graduates with a business and economics background are published on our online job portal. Offers range from internships to student jobs, from entry-level positions to jobs for young professionals. Your free, customized Career Alert subscription compares the jobs on offer to your qualifications and job preferences and keeps you informed of open positions you could be interested in.  


To help you match you up with the best possible job and employer, we cooperate with 130 corporate partners and an average of 500 active employers each year. You can meet and interact with these employers at one of our career events, like the internship day, “Meet your Job” or “Career Calling – Austria's Biggest Career Fair” These events are a great opportunity to expand your professional network and make valuable contacts.        


We also offer a wide selection of services to help prepare you for the application process, ranging from perfecting your application documents, practicing for common job interview situations to professional coaching for planning your further career path. We want to make sure you get off to a great start in your new career!

No matter which phase of the application process you are currently in, we’re looking forward to helping you land the perfect job!