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Department of Socioeconomics

Starting with the winter semester 23/24 there is a new branch of study "Economics - Environment - Politics"
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Profile of the department socioeconomics

Socioeconomics reflects the embeddedness of the economy into the society and the biophysical nature. Prompted by actual and anticipated crises, it utilizes a range of diverse approaches and methodologies to describe, understand, and explain social, economic, political and ecological developments.  

The Department of Socioeconomics integrates various social science approaches to facilitate the analysis of economic and societal issues related to, inter alia, economic growth, inequality, and sustainability. Only by drawing on diverse understandings of economics and economies can we hope and expect to grasp the full complexity and interdependencies of the social, economic, political and ecological world.  

Our research aims at shaping society. By addressing the relevant issues, by utilizing interdisciplinary research designs, and by presenting our findings we respect the particular contexts and cooperate with relevant societal actors. We develop potential new solutions for societal problems and demonstrate the existence of alternative strategies.

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