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Welcome to the Institute for Ecological EconomicsRSS

The Institute is a leading institution for ecological economic research, teaching, learning, knowledge exchange, and community engagement. Over 30 researchers, a secretary, a research coordinator, and a graduate program coordinator make up the Institute’s staff.

Research is generally grouped into five research groups: Sustainable Work, Macroeconomics & Environment, Climate Economics and Finance, Global Resource Use, and Socio-Ecological Transformation.  

The Institute was founded in July of 2014. Until then its activities were part of the Environment Group at the Institute for the Environment and Regional Development. Its predecessor organization was the Institute for Environment and Economy, which was founded in 1991 and led by Professor Uwe Schubert.

The Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus

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Secretary Office CLOSED

Due to WU restrictions (COVID-19), our secretary office is closed! But you can contact the secretary office during the opening hours via phone (+43-1-31336 4848) or mail (…