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BeSt Digital 2021 - Klima und Ökonomie

mit Armon Rezai


INET Blog: To Fight Climate Change, Save Energy and Reduce Inequality

By Lance Taylor, Gregor Semieniuk, Duncan Foley, and Armon Rezai


ORF Radiokolleg - Wege aus der Krise

mit Sigrid Stagl


Researcher of the Month - Armon Rezai

Welche Verteilungswirkungen hat Klimapolitik? Und wie können Maßnahmen, wie etwa eine CO2-Steuer, so gestaltet werden, dass etwaige negative Effekte ausgeglichen werden? Diese spannenden…

wu matters

WU matters. WU talks. Vortrag und Podiumsdiskussion mit Stefan Giljum

Leben auf (zu) großem Fuß? Die globalen Umweltfolgen unseres Konsums


World Bank Event - Keynote Speak Irene Monasterolo

Compound Risks: Combining Covid and Climate Shocks in Macroeconomic Models for Stronger Financial Resilience

WU Logo as fallback image for news article.

New publication "Effects of Carbon Mitigation on Co-pollutants at Industrial Facilities in Europe"

New article by Klara Zwickl, Simon Sturn, and Jim Boyce: Carbon combustion not only contributes to climate change, it also releases co-pollutants such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and…


New publication "Limiting food waste via grassroots initiatives as a potential for climate change mitigation"

Karin Dobernig, together with colleagues from the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), has published a systematic review in "Environmental Research Letters" on the empirical evidence of…


“Kultur-Token” Sustainable Business Model: Visualizing, Tokenizing, and Rewarding Mobility Behavior in Vienna, Austria”

Gillian Foster of the WU Institute for Ecological Economics and colleagues Maddalena Lamura and Jakob Hackel of the WU Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics published a new report on the Vienna…