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Our Mission Statement

Digital advancements are driving constant change in the way consumers interact with each other and with businesses.

As research institute, we address research questions at the intersection between technology trends and consumer behavior, employing a multitude of different research methods. Specifically, we investigate the impact of digital trends on purchase decisions, social media reactions, and moral behavior in the digital sphere.

In teaching and research, we actively seek exchange and cooperation with marketing practice. Our goal is to create new marketing knowledge at the highest level and to convey it winningly in the lecture hall.


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Social Media Seminar in Cooporation with Campaigning Bureau

In the last semester, our institute was holding an innovative social media seminar in the Marketing master’s that combined current research on successful multimedia content on social media with a…

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Job offer

The Institute for Digital Marketing & Behavioral Insights is currently inviting applications for a 40 hours/week Post Doc position. This employee position will be limited till August 31, 2025,…