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Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The driving force behind company formation and the innovation process is the entrepreneurial act.  Emerging companies can implement very efficiently but also established companies are challenged to rediscover themselves through innovation.

The goal of our teaching programs is to present the students with first-class knowledge in the areas entrepreneurship and innovation. In our research we work on open problems of the entrepreneurship and innovation areas.

Both in research and teaching, we orientate ourselves towards leading international universities and business schools and work closely with international business as well as research partners.

E&I Touchdown - January 21, 2020

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On our website, you will find information on the E&I Institute, our teaching programs and our research activities. Futhermore, you will find information on cooperation-projects we conducted with partners from business.

Core Lecture 1 - Exam Dates

Details of exam date 1 and exam date 2 for the Winter semester 2019/20

Call for Master thesis

How to attract the ‘right’ crowd in online innovation contests?

Better user innovators? New published E&I research on user innovation

Who are the “the right consumers” that should be integrated in new product development processes? Prior literature on this issue has discussed lead users (individuals with domain-specific competences)…

E&I Alumnus Paul Schmitzberger gets a 1,2 Mio. Dollar investment to grow shrimps in the desert

About a year ago E&I Alumnus Paul Schmitzberger co-founded the startup Blue Planet Ecosystems. The start-up is working on fully automated fish and seafood breeding systems, which combine biology,…

Find of the day: E&I research on YouTube

In their paper “See Paris and… found a business? The impact of cross-cultural experience on opportunity recognition capabilities”, Prof. Nikolaus Franke and Dr. Peter Vandor find that cross-cultural…

Call for Bachelor Theses at E&I

We are looking for students who want to write their bachelor thesis at E&I. We have put together a list of interesting topics for you to select. If none of these topics appeal to you, feel free to…

E&I at the BBE Specialization Fair

On the 31st of October, E&I participated in the Bachelor of Business and Economics (BBE) specialization fair held at WU’s Learning Center. The event allowed BBE students to learn more about the…

Guest researcher Prof. Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen at E&I

E&I welcomes Prof. Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen as a guest researcher at the E&I institute.

One Semester in 45 seconds! E&I Touchdown is the event for everyone interested in innovation & entrepreneurship.
Fulbright - Kathryn & Craig Hall Chair for Entrepreneurship
One of the most generous awards available to U.S. scholars under the auspices of the Fulbright Program ...
Master program "Strategy, Innovation and Management Control"
Interested in a master program that combines theory, practice, and social skills, for an integrated approach to organizational leadership?