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Research Group Knowledge-Based Management

Welcome to the Homepage of our Research Group!

We are a research group at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. As a part of the institute for information business, we focus on knowledge-based management and vision development.

We are convinced that knowledge is the key factor for the success of a company. Our practically applied methods come from innovative and scientifically recognized approaches like "Learning From the Future" by Otto Scharmer.

Based on our long-time experience in coaching with over 250 customers and thousands of coaching hours, we developed a method (Vikobama) for vision development in organizations and companies. The externalization of need knowledge as a basis for the development of sustainable and innovative products and services are at the heart of our new method (Bewextra). Here, learning from an envisioned future is connected with abductive reasoning.

We work closely with national as well as international organizations and companies. Hereby, we want to connect science with practice.

Please see the homepage of our institute to find more information about current lectures and lecturers.