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Vikobama - Knowledge-based vision development

Approach and Idea

The future viability of companies does not only depend on the existing knowlege base, but also strongly on the ability to generate new knowledge. In order to promote this knowledge generation, a clear company-wide vision is crucial because only with it, learning from the future will be possible. The idea therefore should be to already consider the generation of a vision as a knowledge generating process and facilitate it accordingly.

Vikobama® is a method developed by our research group SUKOBAMA which can significally promote the generation of a company-wide overall vision.

Vikobama ®

Vikobama® applies substantial findings of the great researchers Prof. Ikujirō Nonaka as well as Dr. Otto Scharmer. Through consequent consideration and connection of these recognized theories, we have developed a scientifically sounded process model for generating visions within systems. The following points make Vikobama stand out and are as well innovative as important:

  • The integration of all personal visions of employees for generating the overall vision

  • The realization of a consequent and consistent bottom-up-approach in order to generate the overall system vision

In this way, Vikobama® promotes the transformation from implicit to explicit knowledge and also the knowledge sharing within a system what enables the generation of an intrinsically motivated and therefore sustainable vision.

The Process of Vikobama®

The design of Vikobama® is applicable for companies of various sizes, whereas the extent is individually adaptable to the requirements of a specific system. For smaller companies (<20 employees), a two-piece workshop (overall three days) is envisaged where all employees should participate. Here the following activities are in focus:

  • Practice and support for the development of essential parts of a personal vision

  • Making explicit and share common highlights and success stories of the system

  • Explanation of the two exercises that should be done individually

  • Sharing of the system vision stories of the employees in detail

  • Abstraction and agglomeration of the system vision stories

  • Sharing and exchanging the developed system visions

  • Generation of a common and consensual system vision


We have already carried out various projects with the method Vikobama®, inter alia for the following companies:

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research

  • OMV AG

  • Erste Bank Austria

  • Raiffeisen Landesbank NÖ-Wien

  • SERI GmbH

  • City Administration Andernach

  • ...