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Bewextra - Knowledge about Needs

Approach and Idea

 In systems (organizations, companies, industries), various different individual satisfiers collide which aim to satisfy different needs. Our experience has taught us that people find it rather difficult to externalize and explicitly communicate their needs. But not only within organizations it is important to satisfy needs. Also for the development of innovations it is essential to recognize the needs of customers in order to develop tailored products.

Therefore, one should step away from the satisfier level and towards the need level. This comes with an additional margin for manoeuvre in order to find suitable solutions for the satisfaction of needs.


The aim of Bewextra is the generation of a validated catalogue of knowledge about needs for a system. This catalogue is derived or extracted and externalized from the visible and collectable satisfiers, wishes, ideas, experiences, or visions of the members of a system. Usually, needs can be, in comparison to concrete satisfiers, be satisfied in various ways (need : action = 1 : n). Therefore, through the application of Bewextra the chance to recognize and being able to satisfy these needs is significantly higher.

Bewextra considers and applies different recognized theories of research, inter alia "Learning from the Future" from Dr. Otto Scharmer, or the "Theory of Needs", an approach of "Generative Listening", as well as the "Grounded Theory".

The Process of Bewextra:

Bewextra is divided into three phases:

  • Bewextra-Collect: Gathering of satisfier data with the help of learning from the future in form of workshops (time needed for the participants: 2.5 hours)

  • Bewextra-Analytic: Data analysis and generation of hypotheses about crucial needs which are based on the collected satisfiers

  • Bewextra-Validation: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the hypotheses of correctness through the members of the system


We have already done several successful projects with the method Bewextra, inter alia with:

- Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

- Vienna Business Schools Mödling

- ...