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Florian Fahrenbach, MSc

Florian Fahrenbach, MSc
Florian Fahrenbach, MSc

Curriculum Vitae

Florian is a research and teaching associate at the Research Group for Knowledge based Management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. His research interests developed towards the assessment of professional competences and the validation of prior learning from a design science perspective. He is also interested in personality development and change. During his studies, he was a visiting researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. He is teaching courses on Knowledge based Management and Organizational learning in the Process and Knowledge Management specialization. 

Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, he finished MEi:CoSci, a full time english taught highly research driven interdisciplinary joint master program in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna and the University of Ljubljana/Slovenia. During this, he became interested in radical constructivism, knowledge creation, knowledge technologies, vision development and innovation. 

He pursued undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Vienna and KU Leuven/Belgium where his main interests were in social and organizational psychology. He served as a faculty representative for the psychology student association. Before enrolling to university he spend one year volunteering in a boarding school in India. Outside academia he likes to teach skiing and climbing.

Current Courses

At the moment, Florian Fahrenbach is teaching the following course(s):

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