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Dr. Florian Fahrenbach

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Dr. Florian Fahrenbach

Dr. Florian Fahrenbach

Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr. Florian Fahrenbach is an lecturer at the Knowledge Management Group. He teaches bachelor courses in the Process and Knowledge Management specialization (SBWL) on Knowledge-based Management and Organizational Learning. Broadly speaking, his research interests are located at the intersection of information systems research and vocational education and training.

  • His doctoral research (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alexander Kaiser) at WU Vienna employed the design science research methodology to develop an assessment system for professional competences with the goal to support the validation of prior formal, non-formal and informal learning in the Austrian Skilled Crafts and Trades sector. Florian was awarded a doctorate degree (with honors) at WU Vienna in September 2020.

  • Prior to his doctoral research, Florian obtained a master's degree from MEi:CogSci, an interdisciplinary joint master program in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna and Medical University of Vienna and a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Vienna.

  • During his studies, Florian was a visiting researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Before enrolling to university, he spent one year volunteering in a boarding school in India.

  • Outside academia he likes skiing and climbing.

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