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Welcome to our virtual mini-symposium series on "The future of knowledge management"

If you have any questions please contact Prof. Alexander Kaiser (alexander.kaiser@wu.ac.at)

3rd Virtual Mini Symposium: Future paths of Knowledge Management: The role of Spirituality, Cognitive Science and Sustainability in Knowledge Management of the future

The 3rd symposium took place at the 27th and 28th of November 2023

The aim of this virtual mini-symposium series is to share perspectives, gather ideas, and spark the discussion about the future of KM.

Here you can find the recordings of the two sessions:

Day-1: https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kaiser/spkm-symp-2023-day-1.mp4

Day-2: https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kaiser/spkm-symp-2023-day-2.mp4


2nd Virtual Mini Symposium: Future paths of Knowledge Management: How do Spirituality, Calling and Knowledge Management fit together?

Here you can find the recordings of the two sessions:

Day-1: https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kaiser/SpKM-1.mp4

  • Constantin Bratianu - Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Rumania: Spiritual knowledge, spiritual intelligence and wisdom

  • Anthony Jack - Case Western Reserve University, USA: The brain's divide between naturalistic and spiritual knowledge

  • Paulo Pinheiro and Raysa Rocha - University of Beira Interior, Portugal: Spiritual washing: when Machiavelli meets Aristotle

Day-2: https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kaiser/SpKM-2.mp4

  • Bryan Dik - Colorado State University, USA: Callings (Sacred and Secular) and Knowledge Management

  • Alexander Kaiser and Markus Peschl - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria: Spiritual Knowledge Management: some thoughts about the construct of the self within the concept of Spiritual Knowledge

  • Natasa Rupcic - University of Rijeka, Croatia: Spirituality - a missing link in developing true learning organizations


1. Virtual Mini Symposium: Spiritual and Responsible Knowledge Management: Reflecting on the Future of Knowledge Management in a VUCA World

You can view the recording of the Virtual Mini Symposium here:
Day 1 - https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kragulj/2022_rKM_Symposium/day1.mp4

  • Alexander Kaiser, Vienna University of Economics and Business: Spiritual Knowledge Management

  • Hector Martinez, Gatton College of Business and Economics: The Ideal Self Model

  • Constantin Bratianu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies: Challenges of Spirituality for Knowledge Management

Day 2 - https://ai.wu.ac.at/~kragulj/2022_rKM_Symposium/day2.mp4 

  • Raysa Rocha, University of Beira Interior and Florian Kragulj, Vienna University of Economics and Business: Organizational Phronesis Scale

  • Susanne Durst, Tallinn University of Technology: Could responsible knowledge management (rKM) be a possible answer not only to address the consequences of the pandemic but also other present and upcoming societal challenges

  • Tom Culham, Simon Fraser University: Knowing Self, and Oneness in a VUCA World

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