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Scientific Advisory and Consulting

The work at our division is strongly tied to the paradigm of action research. This means that practical projects are a vital part of our research activities. The application of our developed methods in projects with different companies and other organizations is thus not only a great pleasure for us but also foundational to our research. Plus, we find that the dialog between practice and academia offers many decisive advantages for both sides.

In this sense, we have carried out many successful collaborations with project partners from the economy, the non-profit sector and the administration over the course of the last years.

We are proud to observe that the methods Bewextra or Vikobama which we developed and wholly or partly applied in our projects led to excellent results for our partners.

  • Vikobama is primarily used in vision and mission development processes. It aims to create a "shared vision" that is supported and implemented by all participants in the process.

  • Bewextra is primarily used in projects that target the analysis of needs and the development of a need-based strategy. Additionally, Bewextra can also be used as a basis for the development of mission and vision statements in large organizations.

For further information about our methods please click on their names above or in the website menu. Below you can find an excerpt of our previous projects and project partners for reference.

Project partnerTopic and Content of the Project
Wirtschaftskammer ÖsterreichDevelopment of the "Netz der Kompetenzen (NdK)"
Andernach (City in Germany)Needs assessment and vision development using Bewextra
Andernach (City in Germany)Learning from the Future for managers of the city administration
Quality Austria - ÖQA WienNeeds assessment for Stakeholders using Bewextra
City of Vienna - StuwerviertelNeeds assessment and management of a participation process on Open Data using Bewextra
Wirtschaftskammer ÖsterreichDevelopment of a strategy for cross-sector collaboration using Bewextra
Wirtschaftskammer - Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung (IAGF)IAGF as a learning organization
Wirtschaftskammer - Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung (IAGF)Needs assessment for the council of the IAGF using Bewextra
Wirtschaftskammer - Bundessparte Gewerbe und HandwerkStrategy development for the federal trade and crafts division using Bewextra
OMV (Auditing department)Development of a group-wide vision and mission statement using Vikobama
Wirtschaftskammer (Branche: Bakers)Learning from the Future for SME - Needs Assessment for bakers in Austria using Bewextra
Erste BankVision development for the Human Resources Development department using Vikobama
Vienna Business School MödlingLearning from the future for the school of the future, needs analysis of the different stakeholders using Bewextra
Raiffeisen BankIn-house training for high potentials, training of trainees in the area of learning from the future
Pastoralamt der katholischen Kirche VorarlbergVision development process for the pastoral office using Vikobama
Konvent der Dominikanerinnen im Kloster ArenbergVision development proess for the community using Vikobama
SERI GmbHVision development process using Vikobama
Maria Ward SchulenLearning from the future and needs analysis with the directors of the Maria Ward schools

If you are interested in collaborating with us or would like to receive more information about our the opportunities for a collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us!