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The Institute for Public Management and Governance, as part of the Department of Management, tackles the challenges public sector organizations face in an ever more complex and dynamic environment. By combining approaches from organization and management theory as well as from public administration scholarship, we strive for advancing insights into institutional and organizational arrangements for the provision of public services. In particular, we explore issues of public governance at the interface of the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

We conduct a wide array of research projects and collaborate with a network of national and international partners. Being committed to rigorous research in the tradition of social sciences and to profound reflection, we aim at publications at top-tier journals, inspired teaching, as well as knowledge transfer and impact.

Our team, together with a number of adjunct faculty and visiting scholars, covers a broad range of teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postgraduate level. We are responsible for specialization programs in public and non-profit management in WU’s bachelor and master studies.

The faculty of the Institute of Public Management and Governance is prominently involved in activities fostering the scholarly community. In addition, we are committed to WU’s third mission by being engaged in public policy debates, by providing service on advisory and sounding boards, as well as with training and coaching for the public sector.