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PMG Spotlight

The PMG Spotlight events  address current developments in the public sector, combining academic findings from the Institute for Public Management & Governance with practical implications from and for decision makers. In doing so, we build bridges with our research to help tackling current and future challenges in the field of public management and governance.

Does transparency create trust? | May 11, 2023

The first PMG Spotlight will address the question to what extent transparent information from public organizations influences citizens’ trust in the public sector. This information is for example about decision-making processes, modes of operation, and public service performance. Digital technologies create new possibilities for providing information in a transparent and comprehensible way for diverse stakeholder groups. Results of a recent study conducted by the Institute for Public Management & Governance clarify citizens’ perceptions and reactions to different types of transparency by public organizations. In addition, we discuss what added value Open Government Data can create for the public sector and for citizens.

May 11, 2023 at 4:00 pm in the foyer of the Executive Academy at WU Vienna:

  • Welcome and introduction by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jurgen Willems (Institute for Public Management & Governance, WU Vienna)

  • Keynote speech by Dr. Lisa Schmidthuber (Institute for Public Management & Governance, WU Vienna) "Trustworthy Public Information from the Perspective of Citizens”

  • Panel discussion with Bernhard Krabina (Open Data Expert at Open Commons Linz) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Neumann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).

Afterwards, the Institute for Public Management & Governance invites for a chat over drinks and snacks. We look forward to your participation.

This event will be in German.