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Advanced technologies

New challenges of advanced technologies in public services

In this research cluster, we deal with the challenges and opportunities that citizens and organizations face with respect to the introduction of advanced technologies in public services. We explore topics such as privacy, ethics, and transparency in the areas of public service delivery, smart cities, and e-governance.

Relevant publications

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  • Vanderelst, D., & Willems, J., 2019. Can we agree on what robots should be allowed to do? An exercise in rule selection for ethical care robots. International Journal of Social Robotics. DOI: 10.1007/s12369-019-00612-0

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INNOVATE 2019 Presentation: Ebinger, Falk, Willems, Jurgen. 2019. Die ethische Entscheidung hinter künstlicher Intelligenz – wie legen wir fest, was Maschinen dürfen?  Innovate 2019, Vienna, 05.11.19