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Institute for International Business

The Institute for International Business (IIB) is one of the largest groups with focus on International Business and Management in Europe, with a strong focus on delivering highest quality output in research, teaching, and outreach. The institute consists of five teams, organized according to Academic units.

Prof. Dr. Phillip C. Nell currently holds the position of the head of the Institute for International Business.


We are committed to excellence in our teaching activities. Our faculty received a number of teaching awards in the CEMS Alliance, at WU, as well within MBA programs. 

We are involved in a broad range of teaching programs on the Bachelor, Master of Science, Doctoral/PhD level as well as in Executive Education. The following programs represent the core of our teaching activities:

Navigate through all the information on our bachelor, master and doctorate level courses. Also find our complete course directory here.


Publications in international top-tier journals and numerous research awards to our faculty certify the high research quality the institute is constantly striving for. The faculty regularly publishes in Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, or Journal of World Business and serves on respective editorial review boards. Furthermore, numerous research and best paper awards have been won.

Our research covers a large variety of international topics. They include:

  • Internationalization processes

  • Global strategic management

  • International /cross-cultural management

  • International organizational structures and Headquarters-subsidiary relationships

  • International leadership and Human Resources

  • Global sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • International finance

Corporate Connections and Outreach

We have a large body of practically experienced faculty who are well-connected to multinational corporations and internationally operating SME or startups. We offer Consulting, Research and Training in many IB-related fields. In addition, a multitude of projects and co-operations with companies proof the trust and support IIB faculty enjoys from practitioners and managers.