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Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media (IMSM)

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Digital technologies and social media have a profound impact on consumer behavior and the ways in which businesses compete in today’s global marketplace. In our research and teaching activities, we focus on the implications of these changes from a managerial perspective.

IMSM’s mission

The Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media (IMSM) aims to be a leading institution for research and education in the area of digital marketing. The rapid growth of digital technologies and social media has a profound impact on consumer behavior, creating radically new businesses and challenging companies to adapt their marketing strategies. Therefore, our goal is to do research that focuses on new business problems and groundbreaking innovations arising from developments in information technology. To tackle and solve these problems, we use empirical data (mostly in the form of “big data”) and apply quantitative methods with the aim of improving marketing decision-making. Our students are prepared to become the next generation of digital marketing managers with strong analytical skills and a well-founded knowledge of the mechanics of the digital marketing ecosystem, the social media environment, and the challenges in these areas. Finally, we strongly believe that it is IMSM’s responsibility to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about digital marketing within society.

Our Research
Research is incredibly important to us! Learn more about IMSM’s current projects and recently published articles here!
For Students
We want our students to become the next generation of digital marketing managers. Learn more about IMSM’s programs and courses here!
For Companies
We do what we do, so companies can make better marketing decisions! Learn more about plenty of opportunities to collaborate with IMSM here!