Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

Institute for Managing SustainabilityRSS

Sustainable development is an important challenge for our time - one which we at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration wish to thoroughly analyse. Here, the topic is addressed from a variety of angles including Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Good Governance, innovation research, and sustainable consumption. A total of ten institutes and departments of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration deal with economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable development. In the late 1990s, these activities were consolidated and reinforced in interdisciplinary projects with the establishment of a Research Centre for Managing Sustainability, which in 2005 became the Research Institute for Managing Sustainability. In July 2013 the institute was established in WU's department "Socioeconomics" under the name "Institute for Managing Sustainability".

Since we are interested in exchanging experiences and expanding our network of scholars and practitioners working in the field of sustainable development, we invite you to contact us:

a. Prof. Dr. André Martinuzzi
Welthandelsplatz 1, Building D1
1020 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43-1-313 36 - 4698
Fax +43-1-313 36 - 904698
Email: andre.martinuzzi (at)

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Exchange of experiences in university distance teaching

Due to the Corona crisis distance teaching increased rapidly worldwide. The challenges are substantial, but also new innovative concepts and opportunities emerged.