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Teaching & Learning

Business education must satisfy scientific, as well as practical requirements. This requires students to acquire practice-relevant knowledge and process-related skills, but also the understanding of theories, paradigms, and research methods.

Teaching at the Institute for Managing Sustainability has the aim of enabling students to understand the complex relationships between economy, society and the environment. Our interdisciplinary teaching approach focuses on the impacts of businesses and their responsibilities. In this field, the Institute, and its head, build on over 20 years of successful teaching experience. This includes teaching assignments at foreign universities and the establishment of e-learning platforms in the context of EU research programs. Basing teaching and learning contents on our successful international research is crucial for achieving excellence in our teaching approach.

In our courses students will acquire professional knowledge, as well as social skills. Our lectures encourage critical thinking and the development of innovative solutions. The following principles form the basis of our teaching strategy:

  • Theory-based learning enables students to understand fundamental relationships, explanatory values and the application limits of theories.

  • Understanding of research methodology and methods qualify students to critically analyze scientific outcomes.

  • Case studies combine scientific approaches with practical challenges and enable students to view practical problems from the perspective of decision-makers.

  • Learning by doing in the form of teamwork, role playing exercises and alternative presentation techniques lead to sustained learning effects and support the transfer of skills into practice.

The success of our courses is reflected in excellent student evaluations. In past semesters, our students rated the overall impression of our courses with an average score of 1,25.

One can read more about what our students think of individual courses on ÖH WU ProfCheck.

In case you have any questions regarding lectures and thesis supervision please contact Anja Grüll our manager for for teaching.