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World Premiere of an OECD Handbook at WU Wien


During an international conference organized by the institute, the OECD presented for the first time its new handbook on environmental due diligence in mineral supply chains.

Global supply chains are intricate, and many companies struggle to keep track. Mineral resources pose a particular challenge due to their extraction often causing diverse and predominantly negative environmental and societal impacts. Yet, they are indispensable for the production of electronic goods, essential for digitization, and decarbonization. Solar panels, wind turbines, electric mobility, and all electronic products require a variety of mineral resources.

The new OECD handbook is hailed as a milestone for environmental protection in global value chains. It provides clear guidance on how companies can identify, assess, and prioritize environmental issues at the outset of their global supply chains and take measures to prevent, mitigate, or remedy them.

The handbook was unveiled for the first time globally during an internationally attended conference of the EU project www.RE-SOURCING.eu, coordinated by the institute. The conference featured two days of engaging workshops, panels, and discussions with international experts, leading global companies, renowned organizations, and experts from academia and civil society in the three focal areas: renewable energy, mobility, and electronics.

A summary of the handbook can be found in this video: https://youtu.be/nMc2Phaazds?si=jEP14xc8Ls0d9xHm

The handbook is available for download at the following link: Handbook on Environmental Due Diligence in Mineral Supply Chains | OECD iLibrary (oecd-ilibrary.org)

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