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Exercise No. 38: Technology Retailer

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) The technology retailer (TecR-#) has central warehouses (WH-ID) and many branches (B-#). The products (Prod-ID) are stored in the central warehouses.

b) The products are placed into different product groups (ProdGr); each product belongs to one group. The products are purchased through wholesalers (WhS-Nr.) or from the producer (Producer-Nr.) directly.

c) The company has a lot of customers (C-#), which are interested in the different products.

d) In every branch, there are several employees (EMP-Nr.) but these employees work only for a particular branch. Each employee has a special employment contract (contr-ID) which specifies the work hours (hours-#) and the payment class (pay-#).

e) Each branch has specific working schedules (WS-#) and holiday schedules (HS-#).

f) The employees have different job functions: store manager, cashier, cleaner, customer consultant and repair service agent.

g) Each branch has a manager who oversees the running of the store.

h) Each customer consultant oversees only one product group based on their knowledge. They advise customers that are interested in the products and also reserve and order products.

i) Customers have complaints (Compl-#) and defective items (Serial-#). The repair service agent deals with complaints (Compl-#) and takes defective items (Serial-#) from the customers. The defective products are sent to the wholesaler or producer to be exchanged or repaired.

j) In order to provide a better service, the customer consultants and the repair service agents attend courses (CR-Nr.) about the products.