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Exercise No. 36: Car Rental Service

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) A car rental service rents (rental agreement) its cars (Car-ID) to the customers (Cust-ID), who can be private customers or business clients.

b) Each customer has a driver`s licence (DL-#) with one or more categories (Cat-ID). These categories allow the person to drive certain vehicle classes (VC-ID).

c) Special corporate bonus programs (CBP-#) exist for business clients. These business clients can be assigned to one of these programs.

d) Each car belongs to one vehicle class, needs a certain fuel (Fuel-#) and belongs to a specific price class (PC-#).

e) These cars have different features (Feat-ID) (e.g. ESP, ABS ...).

f) The vehicle is available for rentals for a specified time period (TP-ID). There are fixed prices (Price-#) for several periods (e.g. price per day, price per week).

g) The rental agreement contains several options (e.g. type of insurance, chauffeur etc.) The client can choose from these options (OPT-#). The prices of the different options may change, depending on the rental period (TP-ID).

h) Each car has a damage document (DD-ID). In this document, the location (L-#) and the type (T-#) of damage has to be noted. The rental agreement includes the damage document. The car rental firm will have an agreement with several specialized garages (G#) to repair any damages noted in the damage document.