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Exercise No. 31: Requirements Planning

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) Parts (Part-#) are connected by a hierarchical structure; and assigned to a planning level (Plan-#). A planning level can include several parts. However, each part can be assigned to only one planning level.

b) A storage area (St-#) consists of several storage locations (SL-#). A storage location can belong to only one storage area.

c) Many parts can be stored in different storage locations, the "Inventory Level".

d) "Order Headers" are combinations of customers (Cust-#) and time (Date) and represent the order.

e) The relationship between order header and part is defined as order line item. Several parts can belong to an order in a given time (Date).

f) The same thoughts apply to requirement planning: The header is a combination of internal customer (iCust-#) and time. Parts are assigned to the requirement plans as "Requirement Line Item".