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Exchange semester (bachelor)

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On this page, you can find all information needed for an exchange semester on bachelor's level.

Available exchange places

Here, you can see a couple of students leaving campus wu and getting ready for their exchange.

Below, you can find excel sheets with available exchange places and application quotas from previous semesters. These documents tell you how many exchange places are available for application and how many students applied in previous semesters.

Consulting services at the International Office

We offer the following events and consultation services which support you planning your semester abroad:

  • Note: While we wholeheartedly support and facilitate WU's exchange programs, we would like to clarify that the International Office is not involved in freemover exchanges. We cannot provide support or oversight for individual arrangements.

Partner universities

WU offers an international network of partner universities worldwide. The following information may help you to choose the right university:

  • Info sheets and fact sheets
    Info sheets are compiled by WU and provide information on our partner universities. They include information on application requirements at the partner university, semester dates, and website links.
    Fact sheets are provided by partner universities and contain general information for exchange students. Info sheets and fact sheets can both be found on our map of partner universities.

  • Financial planning for experiences abroad
    Depending on the exchange program, there are financial aspects that you should consider when planning and deciding on an exchange. You can find information here.

  • Exchange reports by former exchange students
    All students who completed a semester abroad fill out an exchange report (german: Erfahrungsbericht). You can access these reports online. They answer questions concerning course registration, arrival, accommodation, costs, and local tips.

  • For students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, care obligations and/or socio-economic need, there is the possibility to apply for special funding. Depending on the destination, students can apply for special support under the WU mobility grant or apply for an Erasmus+ Top Up (depending on your status, you may also apply for Erasmus+ inclusion support).

Credit transfer possibilities

Courses and achievements completed abroad must be recognized for your studies at WU. The credit transfer process is not automatic, but is handled by our colleagues in Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (Study Service Center). Below, you will find more information.

Online credit transfer database

Splitting of earned credits abroad

Grant and credit transfer session

Information for the study plan BaWiSo 2023

Application requirements

Which requirements do I have to meet in order to apply?

Can I complete a second semester abroad during my bachelor's degree?

I am applying for universities that require proof of language proficiency. Until when do I need to provide such proof?


Within the application periods, you can apply online via this link. You can apply for up to three universities per application period and rank them according to your preferences!

Application periods

Application process

Ranking and selection criteria

The online application tool

Application documents

Nomination and registration

After being allocated an exhange semester place, click here to view our informative videos for an overview and essential details.

What happens after successful allocation for a stay abroad?

When do I receive information from the partner university?

Which data do I have to provide during the registration at the partner university?

Cancelling an exchange semester

What should I know about cancelling an exchange semester?

Preparing for your stay abroad

What points should I inform myself about to be best prepared?

Students with disabilities and/or need for psychological support

Networking with other students

Sustainable exchange stay abroad


Travel/health insurance

During your stay at the partner university

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Exchange fairs and WU Alumni Hubs

After your stay abroad

Transcript of records and credit transfer

Picking up documents in your absence

Exchange report and grant formalities

Diploma Supplement

Participate at Go Global - Your Event to Internationalize Your Studies

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