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Exercise No. 25: Customizing a Production Order

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) On creation of a production order the combination of order type (OTy-#) and plant (Pl-#) needs to be determined. There are several order types and plants, whereby each order type can be assigned to any plant.

b) For material availability checks for production, each checking rule can be assigned to several checking groups (ChG-#) and each checking group (e.g. "Daily Requirements") can be assigned to several checking rules (ChR-#). Production orders are uniquely assigned to one checking rule. However checking rules can comprise many more than one production order.

c) Materials (Mat-#) are related to checking groups, whereby each material is associated with one checking group only. The latter can be assigned to several materials.

d) Unique scheduling parameters (SchP-#) are assigned to the plant/order type combination. However, different combinations can use the same scheduling parameters.

e) The pre-costing of production orders is done using costing variants (CV-#). Each plant/order type combination has only one costing variant.

f) A valuation variant (VV-#) determines how direct costs and OH surcharges are evaluated. It is linked to only one costing variant, whereby the costing variant can be assigned to one or more valuation variants.

g) A valuation variant is uniquely assigned to a material valuation (MV-#) and a capacity valuation (Cva-#). These evaluations may be used in several valuation variants.

h) A valuation variant is uniquely assigned to a costing sheet (CS-#)