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Exercise No. 8: Organisation

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) A company has one or more locations referred to as "Plants" (Plant-ID). Several plants are uniquely assigned to the same company code (CC-ID).

b) Plants can have several storage locations (S-loc-#) in which the manufactured and purchased items are stocked, a storage location however, can only be assigned to one plant.

c) A purchase organisation (PO-ID) can be assigned to several plants and a plant to several purchase organisations. A company code is related to one or more purchase organisations, the latter is uniquely related to a company code.

d) A distribution channel (DC-#) can be assigned to several divisions (Div-ID), whereas a division is uniquely assigned to a distribution channel.

e) A sales organisation (Sales-Org-ID) can have several distribution channels, whereas a distribution channel is uniquely assigned to a sales organisation.

f) A company code can have several sales organizations. Sales organisations are assigned to one company code only and to several plants. Plants can also be assigned to several sales organisations.