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Exercise No. 42: Racing Team

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) Each Racing Driver (RD-#) drive their own unique Racing Car. (Car-#).

b) There are Mechanics (Mech-#) who repair Racing Cars. Mechanics also adjust the Racing car in accordance to the needs of the Drivers.

c) Mechanics can either be Engineers or Assemblers. Assemblers are either Wheel Assembler, Break Assembler or Chassis Assembler. Engineers are either Engine Specialist, Gear Specialist or Electronic Specialist.

d) Car Manufacturers (Manu-#) produce Racing Cars. Car Tuners (Tun-#) modify Racing Cars. Engine Specialists are former employees of Car Manufacturers.

e) Racing Drivers participate in Races (R-#) within a certain Period (Period-#) and have also a contract with uniquely one Racing Team (RT-#). A Racing Team can contract more than one Racing Driver.

f) Racing Teams can have more than one Racing Cars and also more than one Mechanic. However Racing Cars and Mechanics belong to only one Team. Each Racing Team has one Team Manager, who is responsible for. A Team Manager is responsible for only one Team.

g) Races are organised by one or more Race Managers (Mgmt-#). The Organisation must be in accordance with TV Broadcasters (TV-#).

h) TV Broadcasters advertise for one or more Car Manufacturers.