Studierende stehen vor dem LC und blicken lächelnd einer Kollegin mit einer Mappe in der Hand nach.

Exercise No. 9: Webtrainer

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) The erm & epc webtrainer includes many exercises. The type of an exercise (Ex-ID) is either ERM or EPC. An exercise can only be of one type.

b) Each exercise has a level (Lev-ID) of difficulty. The same level of difficulty (easy, medium or difficult) can be assigned to more than one exercise.

c) An exercise consists of several contents (Cont-ID). Each content (e.g. partial question, partial solution,...) belongs to one exercise.

d) Each exercise belongs to a category (Cat-ID). One category (sales & distribution, master data,...) can be assigned to several exercises.