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Exercise No. 43: Würstl Stand

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) Late night customer (Perso-#) are either Vegetarian or Meat Eater. Vegetarians buy Pasta (POrigin-#). Meat Eater are either Kebap Eater or Sausage Eater. Kebap eater buy Kebaps (KOrign-#). Sausage eater buy Sausages (SOrigin-#).

b) There are Würstl Stands (WStand-#) and Pasta Stands (PStand-#) all over Vienna. The Würstl Stands sell a variety of Kebaps and Sausages. The Pasta Stands also sell various combinations of their Pasta.

c) The Pasta Stands and Würstl Stands coordinate Special Offers between each other within a certain Period (Period-#).

d) Pasta Stands and Würstl Stands belong to one Company Chain (Company-#). A Chain can have various Stands.

e) Employees (Ins-#) are insured by the Company Chain. Employees are either Quality Manager or Seller. Both types of stands have one or more Sellers. Due to hygiene standards Sellers are uniquely assigned to one Stand.

f) Due to recent misconduct Quality Managers have to perform Quality Checks of Kebaps. The Quality Check is supervised by the Food Authority (Auth-#).

g) The Food Authority audits the Company Chains and Farms (Farm-#). Company Chains and Farms are audited by only one Authority. About its findings the Food Authority gives customer advice to the Late night customers.

h) The relationship between Farms and Butchers (But-#) is Beef, this forms part of a contract (about size, quality, origin of the Beef) with the Company Chain. The Company Chain informs its Distribution Centres (DC-#) about the approval of the Beef, which the Distribution Centres purchase from the relationship between Farms and Butchers.

i) The Distribution Centre delivers Würstl Stands. Würstl Stands get their delivery from only one Distribution Centre.