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Exercise No.6: Hiring

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) Upon realizing that hiring a person in a specific position is realized by the Hiring Manger, a job advertisement/Requisition has to be created.

b) Then, Human Resources have to find the best candidates for this position using their CVs & motivation letters.

c) After deciding on a group of interviewers, HR has to invite the interviewers on an interview.

d) HR Manager has then to conduct the interviews for the selected candidates. After conducting the interview, if the Manager decided on the suitable one he contacts the HR to set up Payroll and to contact the Interviewer and send him an offer/ contract to be signed by the potential employee. After signing the contract, HR team receives the signed contract and the process end by hiring the person at this level. If on the other hand, the Manager didn’t find a suitable candidate between the interviewers, the process repeats itself at the stage to find candidates.