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Exercise No. 14: Production Planning

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) The production department received a chocolate production order. Upon receipt of the order, the production manager has to book the order in SAP.

b) Then, the recipe for the chocolate production order has to be managed and the feedback has to be sent to the Material Management (MM) department.

c) Upon sending the feedback, the MM processor checks afterwards, the materials availability (based on the materials availability document) using SAP MM and has to inform the purchaser.

d) On performing the materials availability check, either the materials are available and in that case the production process has to be prepared by the MM processor or if the materials are not available an order has to be carried out/placed by the purchaser and then the production process can be prepared.

e) Both options leads then to inform the operators to start the production (based on the production process, production recipe and the order itself).

f) In the next stage, the chocolate production process starts by the Operators.

g) Based on the production recipe, the production process & and the order, the cocoa beans have to be roasted and grinded, the cocoa powder has to be created and the cocoa mass has to be created and pressed.

h) After that, the cocoa cake & cocoa butter are created at the same time. Upon creating the option cocoa butter, the aroma has to be stirred and the milk has to be mixed at the same time and then the chocolate mass is created. The chocolate mass has then to be shaped and as a result the chocolate is created. After creating the second option (the cocoa butter), the cocoa cake has to be broken.

i) Both options are afterwards combined again to carry out packaging and finally the production order is successfully produced.