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Exercise No. 17: Production Order Checking

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) Upon receipt of a production order in the production department, checks has to be performed by the production assistant using SAP ERP.

b) First check is to perform scheduling check (Scheduling service). In this step basically scheduling has to be carried out by selecting the function. A confirmation message "Scheduling carried out" confirms this task performance.

c) Then, material availability check has to be performed. Common risks in this step, is that quantities are designed as ATP-quantities (available to promise) and that the same order are repeatedly created and processed. In the next step, Material ATP-check function has to be selected. In performing this check, materials can be either available or not available. If the materials are available a confirmation message “All checked materials in order ... are available" is displayed. If, on the other hand, the materials are not available, the components view of the production order & the plant stock of the material have to be further checked and the process ends at this stage.

d) Then next check is to perform capacity check (which is based on work centers & capacity).  Common risk in this check is that work centers/capacity may be overloaded.  To perform this check, the capacity availability check function has to be selected. If the capacity is available, a positive capacity check confirmation message "Capacity available at all work centers" is displayed. If on the other hand, the capacity is not available, the overload list (ascertaining work centers) has to be checked and the process ends at this stage.

e) The last check to be performed is to analyze costs (based on the material costs & production lot). To perform this check, calculate costs function has to be selected. After selecting the function, a confirmation message "Costs determined --> see cost display" is displayed.

f) After performing all checks, all options are then combined again, resulting in production order successfully checked.